3D solid modeling of involute cylindrical gear based on CATIA

Because the process of establishing involute cylindrical gear in ANSYS is complex, CATIA, a 3D drawing software with powerful surface function, is used to construct the three-dimensional solid model of cylindrical gear. Using the parametric modeling method of CATIA, the geometric models of various cylindrical gears can be established accurately and efficiently.

NameParametersNumerical valueUnit
Pressure anglean20deg
Addendum height coefficientha1/
Top clearance coefficientc0.25/
Actual center distanceaa91.5mm
Number of pinion teethz116/
Number of teeth of large gearz224/
Pinion displacement coefficientx10.8517/
Displacement coefficient of large gearx2-0.5/
Tooth widthb20mm
Radius of gear center holekr15mm

The basic parameters required for drawing involute cylindrical gear are shown in the table, and the three-dimensional solid model of cylindrical gear established in CATIA drawing system is shown in the figure.

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