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Gear Reverse engineering can be carried for a broad range of applications, ZHY engineers is deciated to make precisely duplicating gears for client to meet OEM parts requirement. Offering perfect close to OEM parts gears as replacement, Especiall for heavy duty gears, industurial gear reducer, automobile gearbox and etc..

ZHY engineers have expertise on different types of reverse engineering depend on the specific application and required precision.

With knowing factors may affect performance of reversed gears in advance can help our client to get useful results and lower cost.

With strong base of heavy industrial base history, Luoyang is traditional heavy indsutrial center of China, ZHY is constantly developing ourselves to be right supplier for our client in heavy industry!

Gear Production Equipment

Ipsen heat treatment equipments & Rolser shoot blasting machine. Heat treatment include numerical continuous heat treatment, carburizing, quenching, nitriding equipment.. J53/400D Foring machine for double forging raw material, round bar to achieve better material performance.

Gears comply to ISO/DIN standards, gear accuracy/gear quality reach up to 5 Grade, have been applied to machine tool, automobile, robot, gearbox, gear reducer, oil machinery, construction machine, vessel, tobacco machinery and etc…

Gear Material

TypeStandardGrade NumberApplication
Metal Gear GB/T5216, DIN, JIS G4052, SAE, EN & etc..20CrMnTiH、20CrH~40CrH、20CrNiMo、20CrMoH~42CrMoH、CrMnMoH、CrNiMoH、20CrNi3H、MnBH、SCr415H~SCr440H、SCM415H~SCM440H、8620H~8627H、4120H~4145H、4320H、4340H、5137H、15Ni4Mo、15CrNi6、16CrNi4、19CrNi5、17CrNiMo6、34CrNiMo6、25CrMo4、42CrMo4、49CrMo4、30CrMoV9、16MnCr5Gearbox, Reducer, Automobile, Construction Machine, Machinery Industry and etc..
Plastic Gear GB,DIN,JIS,SAE,EN & etc..POM、PA、TPEE、PC、PEEK、PPO、PVDF、PE、UHMWPE、TPEEGearbox, Reducer, Automobile, Construction Machine, Machinery Industry and etc.. Machinery Industry

Gear Processing Capability

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