Achievements of China gear industry

China’s specialized production and new product K development of vehicle gears, represented by automobile gears, began with introduction and digestion. In recent years, China’s gear manufacturing level has experienced a rapid improvement process, from manufacturing gear shift gearbox to adding synchronizer to shift fourth, fifth and sixth gear gearbox, Then to the manufacturing accuracy of automatic transmission, from manufacturing first-class gears to general products, car gears have reached the first-class level. Gear materials range from general carbon alloy steel to vacuum deoxidation degassing refined alloy gear steel, and the supply capacity of new materials has been basically met. The forging of gear blanks in China has changed from ordinary die forging to less flash free precision forging blanks and precision forged gears. The heat treatment process and equipment of gears in China have changed greatly in recent years. Especially in recent years, carburized and quenched hardened gears have become the leading products.

In recent years, the gear industry has developed on the basic tooth system represented by the traditional involute gear, circular arc gear and double circular arc gear with Chinese characteristics. Gear manufacturing technology has experienced soft tooth surface gear. Hardened and tempered medium hardened gear – carburized and quenched hardened gear ‘the gradual improvement of gear manufacturing technology in China. The manufacturing technology of China’s industrial gear general gearbox has experienced the process of mapping and imitating a series of independent designs to catch up with the development of world-class modular series. The modular reducer series represented by Nanjing high speed gearbox factory has gradually occupied the market. The industrial special gear box products supporting large complete sets of equipment include large marine gears and cement mill gears represented by Chongqing gear box Co., Ltd., high-speed heavy-duty gears represented by Nanjing high-speed gear box factory, heavy mine gears represented by the original Luoyang mining machinery of CITIC Heavy machinery reducer factory For the large astronomical telescope represented by Zhengzhou Institute of machinery, the satellite tracking precision indexing worm gear has reached or approached the international level.

The science and technology team of China’s gear is mainly composed of three parts: 1) teachers and researchers in various industrial colleges, 2) gear scientific research and design personnel in professional research institutes, and 3) gear design and process personnel in technical centers, factories and workshops of enterprises.

In recent years, with the development of machinery manufacturing industry, young and middle-aged Chinese gear technology experts and design and process technology teams have developed rapidly, and have the scientific and technological ability to independently undertake the task of new product development. Therefore, China has the basic technical foundation to fully catch up with the world gear design and manufacturing level.

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