Active design method of FH hypoid gear tooth surface

There are a series of performance requirements in gear working process, such as tooth surface bearing capacity, installation tolerance and so on. These performance requirements are often closely related to the shape of gear meshing area and transmission stability. The active design of gears is called the active design of gears by adjusting the machining parameters of gears to meet these performance requirements.

Shih proposed an active tooth surface design method based on ease off, and pointed out that tooth surface modification design is an important technology to reduce the motion noise and avoid edge contact of hypoid gears; Alessio artoni proposed a method based on ease off In order to improve the design method of hypoid gear set deviating from the theoretical model, but this method is only applicable to the design of hypoid pinion; CAI Xiangwei used the fifth and seventh order parabola for comparative analysis on the basis of the second-order parabola in active design. Yan Hong realized the optimization design of active parameters of gear by establishing nonlinear multivariable constraint model.

Through qualitative analysis, the reasonable planning of the contact mark and transmission error of the tooth surface can greatly improve the performance of the gear pair. However, there are still some problems as follows: on the one hand, the optimal tooth surface which can not be machined or adjusted is not of practical significance because it is not well combined with design and processing. On the other hand, although the accuracy of the least square method is high, it is difficult to calculate and not easy to converge; if the influence of the tooth surface processing parameters on the tooth surface error is regarded as linear, the calculation efficiency is high, but the accuracy is low.

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