Advantages of hyperbolic gears

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of spiral bevel gears, hyperbolic gears have the following advantages:

1. Due to the offset of the wheel axis, the helix angle of the wheel increases to about 50 °, resulting in a significant increase in the diameter of the wheel, which can enhance the strength and rigidity of the wheel.

2. Because of the relative sliding along the tooth length direction and the tooth height direction, the wear of the tooth surface is more uniform, and it is easier to grind after heat treatment, improve the contact area, improve the tooth surface finish and reduce the noise.

3. The overlap coefficient of the spiral bevel gear transmission is larger than that of the intersecting shaft drive, so it is more stable, and the positive pressure on the tooth surface is less.

4. The offset of the axis position can be used to reduce the center of gravity of the car to increase stationarity; it can also be used to increase the body height and increase the off-road property of the car.

However, hypoid gears have higher requirements for lubrication, are more sensitive to installation errors, and the transmission efficiency is lower than that of ordinary spiral bevel gears.

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