Analysis and preventive measures of heat treatment defects of automobile rear axle gears

Automobile rear axle gear is one of the important parts in automobile driving system. It transmits power in the process of automobile driving. It is a necessary part on automobile drive axle. With the improvement of vehicle performance requirements of automobile users, the bearing capacity and service life of rear axle gears have become a common concern of manufacturers and users. At present, carburizing heat treatment is widely used to improve the ability of rear axle gear to bear fatigue load. However, only in the whole heat treatment process, strictly control the chemical composition of materials, forging quality, pre heat treatment, carburizing process, quenching cooling and tempering treatment, can we ensure that the gear has excellent performance, maximum bearing capacity and longest service life.

According to the working experience of ZHY gear senior engineer team engaged in heat treatment of automobile rear axle gears in automobile and agricultural machinery industries, the possible defects and causes of gears in the process of carburizing heat treatment are discussed theoretically and practically. It is considered that the distribution of gear hardening layer, metallographic structure and deformation after heat treatment affect the strength, accuracy Noise and other performance indicators, and puts forward preventive and remedial measures, hoping to have a certain reference and guiding significance for current production.

The defects and control of heat treatment of automobile rear axle gears are widely representative for carburized heat treatment workpieces. The technicians on site have spent a lot of time on the prevention and elimination of defects. For the heat treatment workers engaged in this work in the future, they can further think, challenge the new heat treatment technology, adopt more advanced equipment and put forward the optimal process combination to make the heat treatment of gears easier to control.

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