Analysis of the characteristics and mechanism of the side band frequency of gear meshing excitation modulation

There are many meshing excitations in gear drive, such as planetary drive. There are often modulation phenomena between these excitation signals, forming complex sideband frequencies, and these sideband frequencies are often asymmetric, that is, the energy is concentrated on a certain side frequency. This makes it more difficult to improve the quality of vibration and noise of gear transmission, improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to study the formation mechanism, characteristics of sideband frequency and its relationship with structural parameters.

The characteristics and formation mechanism of sideband frequency in planetary gear train will be studied based on the phenomenon of meshing excitation modulation. Firstly, an analysis model of the modulated sideband frequency of planetary gear train is established, and the influence of the basic parameters (number of teeth, meshing phase, installation phase) and the order of excitation on the sideband frequency characteristics of planetary gear train is analyzed, so as to obtain a common judgment method that can predict the sideband frequency characteristics of planetary gear train according to the known parameters, and improve the noise caused by asymmetric sideband frequency through this method. Finally, the correctness of the method is verified by experiments.

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