Analysis on forming process of gear precision forging technology

The forming and filling of spiral bevel gear is complex. The process analysis of forging should focus on the plastic deformation behavior and mechanical behavior of materials. The research content of the forming process mainly includes the flow law of materials, the distribution of stress-strain field and the filling effect of formed parts, so as to achieve the goal of reasonable control of material flow and volume distribution. The forging process is analyzed mainly by means of experiment and numerical simulation. Among them, numerical simulation technology has become an indispensable tool in this field. Many scholars predict the detailed law of metal deformation and the generation of defects through numerical simulation technology, and analyze the forging process and optimize the process in combination with the distribution of grid deformation, velocity field, temperature field, stress-strain field and load stroke curve.

Zhang Meng and others studied the forging process of automotive differential active spiral bevel gear. With the help of grid experiment, the metal flow law and tooth filling process on the axial and radial sections of the gear in the plastic forming process were summarized. According to the working principle of swing rolling forming process, Wang Huajun designed and manufactured the preform, die and tooling of driven spiral bevel gear of automobile rear axle. With the help of the forming experiment of lead specimen, the flow law and strain distribution law of metal formed by spiral bevel gear rolling were analyzed. Liu Zhenhai designed a new structure of precision forging die without flash based on the small non flash precision forging process of spiral bevel gear, and studied the flow law of material along the sample. Compared with simple experimental research, at present, more research has completed the analysis with the help of numerical simulation technology. Ravikiran duggirala has simulated and analyzed the forging process of driven spiral bevel gear, The flow law of metal materials and die stress distribution were studied, and the die structure was optimized.

Reduction amount 6mm Reduction amount 10mm End of molding

Wang Fengsheng proposed a multi-step analysis method for the numerical simulation of gear blank forging process. The multi-step analysis was carried out for the drawing process and die forging process of driving spiral bevel gear blank and the upsetting process and die forging process of driven spiral bevel gear blank, respectively Metal flow law in forging process of driven spiral bevel gear blank. Wang Huajun et al. Carried out numerical simulation and lead sample forming test on the precision forging process of driven spiral bevel gear, observed the filling process of tooth profile and the flow law of internal metal, and studied the metal flow, deformation force The strain distribution and tooth filling are systematically analyzed. Chio et al. Analyzed the forming process of spiral bevel gear with the help of upper bound method, and compared it with the experimental results. Hu Chengliang et al. M took the spur gear with hub as an example, carried out rigid plastic finite element simulation on the precision forging process, and analyzed the metal flow law in the forming process combined with grid experiment, as shown in the figure.

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