Application and development of rotary forging

At present, the countries producing rotary forging machines in the world include Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and so on. In recent years, manufacturers in these countries have newly designed swing rolling machines of different specifications on the basis of the production of the original models, so that the swing rolling machines can be produced in series. These rotary rolling machines are characterized by high degree of automation and standardization, high precision, microcomputer control and convenient operation. It is not only supplied to domestic manufacturers, but also accelerated the promotion to foreign countries, and developed to large-scale and diversification. Some manufacturers also trial produce swing rolling machines on ordinary hydraulic presses. The rolling pressure of German hot rotary rolling machine can reach 12500kn, and the diameter of its rolled workpiece can reach 1600mm. Japan Mori Iron Industry Co., Ltd. has the ability to produce 10000kN cold rotary rolling machine.

Japan not only has models from Poland, Switzerland and the United States, but also has created different rotary forging models such as Sumitomo’s inclined rotary die press, and also produced many rotary forging riveting machines. Japan is not only keen on hot rotary forging machine, but also attaches great importance to the development of cold rotary forging machine. Not only pay attention to the theoretical research of rotary rolling process and equipment, but also pay attention to the development of new products with rotary rolling machine. In recent years, the use of rotary rolling machine to make train wheels is an example.

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