Application of high efficiency CNC hobbing machine in gear processing of construction machinery

In the process of efficient cutting engineering gear processing, an important solution to solve the low efficiency of automatic production is the application of efficient processing equipment in the production process. This method can effectively improve the efficiency of processing engineering gear, and achieve higher income and efficiency. In the process of this work, the main processing equipment includes high-efficiency CNC hobbing machine, CNC gear grinding machine and CNC gear shaper. In the use of Engineering CNC gear hobbing machine, due to the high rigidity of this kind of equipment, with complex servo function, the drive of hob head is also relatively large. In view of the above characteristics, when the equipment is used for engineering gear processing, it can give full play to the advantages of CNC servo function and high rolling speed cutter head, so as to realize the temperature compensation in the hobbing process, which is also a problem Gear processing is a very efficient equipment.

High efficiency CNC gear hobbing machine is widely used in practical engineering. Compared with the conventional gear hobbing machine, this kind of engineering has higher rotation speed, which can further realize the high-speed rotation of hob in the process of operation. At the same time, because of the high-efficiency CNC hobbing machine in the process of operation, most of them use the base axis four linkage, this technology makes the movement between the spindle and the sub gear without the change gear, only through the simple mechanical link as the carrier, this project can be realized. So that the use of CNC shaft drive feed system, can better achieve the axial and radial automatic transmission. At the same time, this machine tool technology also has higher intelligence, which can calculate the data more accurately according to the automatic alignment data, so that the automatic tool string technology in processing can be realized.

This technology can better solve the problem of low automation level in engineering due to the characteristics of gear processing in the process of gear production and processing. At the same time, the application process of high-efficiency CNC hobbing calculation has the characteristics of simple operation technology. The system uses the motor’s CNC shaft drive and the spindle and sub axis to move through the mechanical quantity, and no longer depends on the gear hanging technology. In this way, it can better realize the axial multiple box cycle and the l-cycle, and has a better improvement on the automatic transmission control.

In the practice of engineering gear processing, the cutting force of hob and the corresponding wear condition of hob can be applied to the realization of automation. According to the accurate observation of the panel, the automation technology after processing can better realize the gear error detection, further improve the processing quality of the gear, realize the high efficiency production of the factory, and improve the economic benefits of the factory.

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