Application of large herringbone gear manufacturing technology in Offshore Engineering

Among the key areas of China’s planning, marine engineering is the most important project and development field. Marine engineering includes not only large offshore floating crane and offshore drilling platform, but also large marine engineering such as offshore pipe laying ship engineering, offshore wind power generation and ship installation. In these marine engineering, large open herringbone gear needs to be used for transmission.

Generally, these large open herringbone gears will be used in cranes, anchor hinges and other loading and unloading equipment in aviation and ocean engineering. Therefore, it can be said that the application range of large open herringbone gears is very wide. In addition, because of its special nature in offshore engineering, large open herringbone gears with high quality and high accuracy are required, the requirements for the manufacturing technology of large herringbone gears are becoming higher and higher. In addition, because the herringbone gear has high performance in transmission, the transmission performance also puts forward more strict requirements for the vibration and noise control of herringbone gear. Therefore, in the process of herringbone gear manufacturing and processing, it is necessary to control and study its manufacturing and processing technology, so as to better control the performance of large herringbone gear and achieve its goal of vibration and noise reduction.

At present, large herringbone gears are most used in offshore engineering, and these large herringbone gears are generally used in large floating cranes, anchor reamers and pipe laying ships. In the actual production and manufacturing process, in order to meet the standards required by offshore engineering, we need to pay attention to the manufacturing technology of large herringbone gears, Scientific manufacturing technology is selected according to the demand of offshore engineering for large herringbone gears. For example, surface quenching technology needs to be paid attention to in the manufacturing process, so as to improve the hardness and stiffness of herringbone gear surface and the contact strength of herringbone gear surface.

At present, with the continuous updating and development of China’s manufacturing technology, the manufacturing technology of large herringbone gear has also been continuously optimized and upgraded, which provides very important conditions and technical guarantee to meet the needs of China’s offshore engineering.

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