Application of spiral bevel gear in China

In the 21st century, new changes have taken place in the world pattern. As an emerging developing country, China has rapidly entered the middle stage of industrialization and is realizing the transformation from a large industrial country to a modern industrial power. Taking a new road of industrialization is the goal of China’s future development. From the rapid development of automobile, motorcycle and aerospace industry, it can be seen that China has initially formed a more comprehensive industrial distribution, and is gradually transitioning to the industrial pillar. In the 1950s, China’s motorcycle industry has just started. After the tide of reform and opening up, China’s machinery factories have gradually developed and expanded. China’s sales of automobiles and motorcycles exceeded 50% of the world’s total in 2006. It is recognized as a major manufacturer and consumer of automobiles and motorcycles in the world, and its production has ranked first for several consecutive years. The production and sales of automobiles and motorcycles in China are in a booming stage. The main domestic vehicle manufacturers have gradually separated the parts industry from the vehicle industry and established professional parts enterprises. Only by relying on high-quality products can we make the vehicle have advantages in product quality and technology. From which we can see that the automobile industry is developing rapidly.

Gear is an important part of mechanical equipment and automobile. As the transmitter of motion and power, it plays a more and more important role. With the sustained and steady growth of economy and the sustainable development of machinery industry, it not only increases the demand for gears, but also improves the requirements for the properties of all aspects. Spiral bevel gear has excellent bearing capacity and transmission stability. It is widely used in mechanical products (such as motorcycle reverse gear system, automobile rear axle drive system, steering gear, etc.). At present, cutting is the main processing method of gears. Using the traditional chip processing method to process spiral bevel gears, there are some problems, such as complex tooth surface modification and machine tool adjustment, long design and manufacturing cycle, and non interchangeable gears processed in the same batch. Sometimes, it is necessary to constantly modify and improve the machine tool parameters and tools. In terms of the internal structure of the metal, this method cuts off the internal structure of the metal and shortens the service life of the gear. Although the technology of gear cutting is mature, it has the advantages of low production efficiency and high material consumption, so it is not suitable for mass production. Therefore, the application of plastic forming method in gear machining has a great development prospect. Precision forging technology can save raw materials, improve efficiency, increase tooth profile strength and tooth surface quality, and can be applied to mass production. If it is applied to the machining of spiral bevel gear, it will have a wide application prospect. However, due to the complex tooth surface shape and large spiral angle of spiral bevel gear, in the forging process, the flow path of metal filling cavity is curved and long, which hinders its rapid flow, making it difficult to fill the mold cavity, and the stress condition of the mold is complex. Therefore, it is difficult to apply precision forging technology to spiral bevel gear.

Taking the driven spiral bevel gear, the key part of automobile rear axle to transmit power, as the research object, a double split precision forging method is proposed. With the help of finite element simulation software, a three-dimensional finite element model is established, the precision forging process is numerically simulated and analyzed, the metal flow law, stress-strain distribution law and die stress condition in the forming process are studied, and the reduction of forming force is explored, An effective way to improve forming quality and die life. It provides technical guarantee for the application of precision forging technology in spiral bevel gear machining, which has important academic or engineering significance.

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