Assembly combination of double gear pairs

(1) The large gear is heated in the heating furnace. The heating temperature is controlled at 120 C for 3 h.

(2) After heat preservation is completed, quickly hoist the large gear onto the assembly fixture prepared earlier.Fit the locating pin into the large gear and quickly load the gear shaft into the large gear. Attention must be paid to the locating pin when assembling to ensure that it fits into the locating groove of the gear shaft.

(3) After the double gear is assembled, it needs to be compressed with screw and press plate to avoid loosening of gear connection during cooling.

(4) After the tandem gear has cooled down completely, remove the compressed screw and the press plate, measure the deviation between the center position of the reference teeth of the large gear and the center position of the reference teeth of the gear shaft on the three coordinates, and assess whether the grinding allowance of the fine grinding large gear is sufficient according to the measured deviation value.

In the specific process optimization stage, many influence factors need to be considered, such as the size of deformation after carburizing and quenching heat treatment, how to select the correct grinding allowance, how to determine the size of rough and fine grinding allowance, how to carry out angular positioning of reference teeth, etc.High-precision gear pairing can only be achieved by establishing reasonable process route and strictly controlling the quality of key processes.

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