Automatic forging production of warm precision forging straight bevel gear

At present, most gear forging enterprises are facing the dual pressure of increasing labor cost and difficult recruitment. The traditional manual forging production line has been increasingly unacceptable. In the future, forging enterprises want to provide competitive products. Whether from the perspective of quality or cost, forging automatic production is the inevitable trend of enterprise development. In 2011, Li Ruixia and others studied and applied the automatic forging production line of electric screw press, and put forward four forging line composition schemes. In 2013, Jin Linkui put forward some suggestions in the production process of gear precision forging. In 2014, Tian Kai arranged a gear blank precision forging production line under the guidance of “Toyota production mode”, which improved the gear forging production efficiency of the company, ensured the forging quality and effectively reduced the labor intensity. In 2017, Wang Yunfei and others conducted research in combination with the development trend of new technologies in the forging industry at home and abroad, realized the closed-loop control of on-line monitoring, feedback and adjustment of part quality, and formed the intelligent production process of precision forging.

Compared with traditional manual production line of warm precision forging straight bevel gear, the manual line generally needs 6~8 people, and automatic production line can satisfy the production requirement of simultaneous interpreting at most 2 people, and greatly reduces manpower demand. ② The application of robots in automatic production line greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves the working environment of employees to a great extent; ③ In the automatic production process, the temperature control of medium frequency heating is accurate, the forging beat is stable, the influence of human operation factors on forging products is basically eliminated, and the quality of forging billet is stably improved; ④ Compared with cutting, the production efficiency is increased by about 200 times, the material utilization rate is increased by about 40%, and the mass production cost is reduced by about 30%.

To sum up, our company has continuously improved the warm precision forging bevel gear automatic production line and solved many technical problems encountered in the commissioning of the production line. Through the solution of these problems, the quality of gear forging is effectively controlled, the production cost is significantly reduced, and the smooth operation of gear precision forging automatic production line is guaranteed. The successful construction of the production line will play a positive peer demonstration effect and have important social and economic benefits.

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