Automotive rack and pinion steering gear system

The interface design of automobile rack and pinion steering gear model base the man-machine interface and man-machine interaction ability of a system is an important index to measure the ease of use of the system. Users can use a good man-machine interface in the design process, which can make the design easy and easy, and also make the system easy to learn and use. Excellent user interface directly affects the user’s satisfaction with using the software. Excellent human-computer interaction interface generally needs to meet the following requirements:

(1) Easy to use: the user interface provided can be used freely without special training, and the principle of user convenience is used.

(2) Prompt convenience: users should give convenient and clear prompts when using the software for design, so that users can complete their work smoothly.

(3) Convenient memory: a good interactive CAD system not only makes use of the advantages of computer itself, but also gives full play to people’s intelligence, so that the design can achieve high quality and efficiency. Minimizing user memory and avoiding mistakes are the main principles of menu design.

(4) Humanization of interaction mode: ensure that the information between users and computers conforms to people’s daily work habits, design the functions of the developed system into a unified mode, and work with the same commands and operation steps. As long as the user has mastered the interaction requirements of one module, it can be applied to other modules of the system to avoid the user learning difficulty and workload increased by the non-uniform interface.

(5) Good error handling: the internal design of the system has good fault tolerance. The system should not crash easily, but should be prompted without impact. All input items shall have the error correction function of interactive setting, allowing users to easily change the input information to achieve good error correction setting.

The development of the model library interface of the rack and pinion steering gear should follow the above principles. According to the above principles, this paper mainly introduces the development of the main interface and parts interface of the automobile rack and pinion steering gear. Including the development of menu, window and dialog box.

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