What the Axis Gear is

Axis gear is a kind of machine part that refer to supporting the rotating parts and gyrate with them to transmit movement , torque or bending moment.

Axis gear general is a round metal rod ,it has different phase with corresponding diameter . The parts are installed in the axis gear to produce rotary motion in the machine.

axis gearThere are two kind of axis gear according to the different form.

One kind of is used most widely that not only stand bending moment but also stand torque , it called revolving axis gear ,like the axis gear of all kinds of speed reducer .This is the most common axis gear in the machinery.

The second is called arbor ,it use to support the rotating parts ,but it is only stand bending moment . Some arbor move ,others not ,like the axis gears to support pulley.

The final type is called drive axis gear ,it is mainly used to transmit torque but don’t stand bending moment ,like the live axis gear for car.

When the axis gear are designed usually put to use the following situations : first , axis gear often put to use pinion ; second , axis gear is high – speed level ordinarily; thirdly ,axis gear usually is in motion changeless ; finally , the axis need to be made shorter in the axis gear .