Basic attribute setting of spiral bevel gear blank and cutting board

The spiral bevel gear blank is set as a plastic body.

Determination of initial forging temperature of spiral bevel gear blank: the process forging temperature of ZHY gear products is between 1000 ° C and 1100 ° C. here, the initial forging temperature is taken as 1050 ° C.

Determination of spiral bevel gear blank material: the common materials of spiral bevel gear include 20Cr, 20CrMnTi, 20mnb, 20crmnto, etc.

The material of ZHY gear is 20CrMnTiH, so 20CrMnTiH is used as the numerical simulation material. DEFORM-3D has a material library, which contains almost all kinds of common materials. 20CrMnTiH steel corresponds to aisi-5120 steel (American Standard) in DEFORM-3D material library. As shown in the figure, the flow stress versus equivalent strain and equivalent strain rate curves of aisi-5120 steel at 1000 ° C, 1050 ° C and 1100 ° C.

Set the cutting board as a rigid body.

As the upsetting process of spiral bevel gear blank is hot forging, it is also necessary to preheat the cutting block. Preheat the cutting block to 250 ° C at the beginning of upsetting.

Determination of cutting board material: the cutting board material adopts hot work die steel 4Cr5MoSiV1, which corresponds to AISI-H-13 (American Standard) in the material library.

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