Basic parameters of automobile steering gear

The basic parameters of automobile steering gear mainly include the number of teeth, modulus, pressure angle, tooth width, displacement coefficient and other basic parameters.

According to gb1356-88, the standard value is: Ha = 1, C = 0.25. Through these parameters, the radius of indexing circle, base circle, tooth tip circle and tooth root circle can be determined, so as to realize the drawing of steering gear. The main parameters used in the modeling process are shown in the table.

Number of teethZInteger
Pressure angleAAngle
Helix angleBetaAngle
Tooth widthDepthLength
Displacement coefficientXnReal number
Dividing circle radiusRR = m * Z / 2 / cos (beta)Length
Radius of addendum circleRkRk = R + M + Xn * MLength
Radius of tooth root circleRfRf=R-1.25*MLength
Radius of base circleRbRb=R*cos(A)Length
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