Basic theory of gear transmission system dynamics

The dynamic behavior of gear transmission system mainly includes the dynamic meshing force, dynamic load coefficient, vibration and noise characteristics of gear system. By studying the dynamic behavior of gear transmission system, the influence of geometric parameters, structural form and machining method of gear transmission system on the dynamic behavior of gear system can be obtained, so as to guide the design, optimization and manufacturing of high-quality gear transmission system.

Gear transmission system is a kind of elastic system, which produces dynamic response under the action of dynamic excitation, so dynamic excitation is the input of the system. Therefore, the primary task of studying the dynamics of gear transmission system is to study the basic principle of dynamic excitation in gear meshing process and determine the type and nature of dynamic excitation.

After determining the type and nature of the excitation of the gear transmission system, the dynamic model and related dynamic equations of the gear transmission system can be established. The response of gear transmission system to these excitations can be obtained by solving the equation.

The basic theory of gear system dynamics is introduced. The dynamic excitation of gear system mainly includes internal excitation and external excitation. The generation principle of stiffness excitation in internal excitation and the calculation principle and method of comprehensive meshing stiffness are introduced. Considering the actual needs, only the time-varying comprehensive meshing stiffness is considered in the model. The mechanism of gear meshing stiffness excitation and the calculation method of gear meshing comprehensive meshing stiffness are introduced in detail. Due to the complexity of bevel gear tooth structure, the subsequent calculation of bevel gear comprehensive meshing stiffness is completed by finite element software.

Then, the dynamic model of bevel gear transmission system is established, and the determination method of physical parameters of the equation is explained, which is ready for the dynamic characteristic analysis of central bevel gear of an actual aeroengine.

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