Basic wear model of involute spur gear

In the meshing process of gear pair, the relative sliding and rolling occurs between the meshing tooth surfaces, which causes wear between the meshing tooth surfaces. For any meshing point, using the generalized Archard wear formula, the wear amount can be expressed as:

Where h is the wear depth at the meshing point, s is the relative slip distance, K is the dimensional wear coefficient, and P is the Hertz contact pressure.

By integrating the above formula on the relative slip distance, the wear depth of any meshing point P on the tooth profile is obtained as follows:

Where: HWP is the wear depth at point P, kW is the wear coefficient, SP is the sliding distance at point P, and PP is the contact pressure at point P.

Based on the single point observation method, after the nth + 1st meshing cycle, the wear at any meshing point P in the meshing tooth surface can be expressed as:

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