Bench loading test of drive axle hypoid gear

Gear grinding Tooth surface inspection

In order to verify the correctness of the drive axle model and LTCA simulation results, the bench loading test is carried out based on the existing drive axle transmission test-bed of the company. In view of the small range torque fluctuation of the input shaft of the transmission test-bed, the load transmission error test is affected to a certain extent, and the test results are scattered, resulting in inaccurate measurement results. Therefore, the test results of load transmission error are no longer given here, but the test results of load contact area on the tooth surface of hypoid gear are given.

T50 roll inspection Tooth surface contact area

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the hypoid gear is ground and the tooth surface error of the hypoid gear is corrected, so as to ensure that the processed hypoid tooth surface is consistent with the design tooth surface. Figure 1 shows gear grinding and tooth surface error detection test of hypoid gear, and Figure 2 shows the contact area of the Final Hypoid Gear product on the roll inspection machine T50.

Tooth surface contact area
Transmission error

Comparing Fig. 2 (b) and Fig. 3 (a), it can be seen that after the detection and correction of the tooth surface error of the hypoid gear, the machined tooth surface of the hypoid gear is consistent with the design tooth surface, so the actual roll inspection contact area is also consistent with the design contact area. Finally, the hypoid gear is assembled on the main reducer of the drive axle, and the tooth surface loading test of the hypoid gear is carried out on the drive axle transmission test-bed, as shown in Fig. 4.

In the loading test, the input shaft torque and input shaft speed are 50 R / min and operate for 30 s under each load. The simulated contact area and actual contact area of hypoid gear tooth surface loading are shown in Figure 5. Comparing the simulation results in Figure 5 with the actual results, it can be seen that the shape, size, position and change trend with load of the simulation contact area are consistent with the actual results, which verifies the correctness of the simulation method and simulation results in this paper.

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