Bending stiffness, shear stiffness and axial compression stiffness of outer gear of Spur Planetary Gear System

In the picture:

RB — radius of base circle;

RF — radius of tooth root circle;

Bending stiffness Kb:

Shear stiffness KS:

The axial compression stiffness Ka is as follows


N — number of teeth of gear tooth;

α 0 — pressure angle;

α 2 — upper half tooth angle of base circle,

For the external meshing pair, the expression of α 1 on the driving and driven gears is different, as follows:

Driving gear:

Driven gear:


θ 1 — the rotation angle of driving gear. If the rotation starts from the reference position, θ 1 = 0 can be defined;

N1 — number of teeth of driving gear;

N2 — number of teeth of driven gear.