Bevel Gear Machining system of KlingeInberg and Oerlikon

KlingeInberg company of Germany recently developed a new type of gear cutting machine: KNC/S35, which is a universal CNC spiral bevel gear cutting machine. It combines the gear machining machine with the measurement technology. Compared with the past, the mechanism of the machine tool is simpler and the rigidity is improved, so that the sensitivity of mechanical drive is improved, the reliability of NC instruction is improved, and the accuracy of gear machining is greatly improved. With the application of CNC measurement method, after adopting the new calculation technology, the gear machine tool can be optimized by computer in advance to shorten the positioning, debugging and processing time. This method is beneficial to reduce the production cost, improve the machining accuracy, increase the load capacity and reduce the noise. At present, KlingeInberg has launched two models: HPG-S and HPG.

The Swiss company Oerlikon exhibited a CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine C28phia 6-axis 5 linkage at the CIMT’99 exhibition. The most important feature of this kind of CNC gear milling machine is that it can realize dry cutting. The slide saddle of the cutter head spindle box is installed on the inclined bed guide rail, and the chips can freely fall into the chip discharge trough below it and be eliminated by the chip collector in time. It is seen in the scene that all the blue chips accumulated in the chip collection box are blue chips without any cutting fluid applied. Hubei vehicle and Bridge Co., Ltd. imported Oerlikon’s C28 for the first time in 1997, becoming the first user of this kind of environment-friendly CNC gear milling machine in China. The machining accuracy of C28 is quite high, up to 5-6 grades (DIN standard). It can be expected that this environment-friendly CNC gear milling machine will become the main equipment for machining automobile rear axle main-driven spiral bevel gears.