Boundary conditions and loading of two-dimensional contact analysis of spur gears

In the actual fatigue wear test of spur gear, the pinion is the driving spur gear and the big gear is the passive spur gear. Therefore, according to the static contact analysis principle of spur gear, all nodes in the inner hole of large gear are completely fixed, all nodes in the X direction of the inner hole of small gear are restrained, and a certain static load is applied in the Y direction.

In solving the set boundary conditions, constrain the node degrees of freedom on all surfaces of the inner hole of the big gear, select all DOF, and set the constant value to 0, that is, the fixing of the big gear is realized; Constrain the degree of freedom of the pinion inner hole in the UX direction, and set the constant value to 0, that is, constrain the displacement of the pinion in the X direction, as shown in Fig. 5-3; Select all nodes on the inner hole surface of the pinion, and apply uy torque to the inner hole of the pinion through the rotation setting in the preprocessor.

It is consistent with the loading size of the model test. Since the contact vertical load FN of the previous model sample is – 294n, the torque in uy direction can be calculated according to the previous formula: T1 = 150.23n · m, and the two-dimensional contact loading analysis of spur gear is shown in the figure.

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