Carbide gear hob

Due to the high-quality machining characteristics and long tool life of cemented carbide gear hob, it has been explored and tested in practical production. Cemented carbide is an alloy material made of hard compound of refractory metal and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process. The biggest feature of cemented carbide is wear resistance, which is the main direction of cutting tool cost reduction. Cemented carbide gear hobbing cutters are widely used in some gear parts made of copper and aluminum.

Make full use of the product advantages of sintered carbide to ensure the best accuracy of rigid equipment. The equipment must operate at the most appropriate speed required by the tool material. In this case, the cemented carbide cutter may produce the best economic benefit, that is, high efficiency and low cost. When cutting non-metallic gears, the equipment shall be equipped with suction and exhaust system to eliminate a large amount of fine wear debris.

Cemented carbide material has always been one of the key R & D projects in gear hob materials. At present, in many cases, especially in cutting non-metallic materials, the efficiency and cost advantages of cemented carbide gear hobs are much higher than those of the same gear hobs using high-speed steel. Cemented carbide gear hobs have higher cutting speed, and even need to be equipped with special high-speed gear hobbing equipment. Carbide gear hobs are usually manufactured with class a tolerances. Dimensions and other requirements shall be based on the part drawing.

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