Causes and control methods of gear heat treatment deformation

Gear is the main work piece in mechanical transmission, and it is also an important force unit. Due to the heavy load and bad road conditions, there are some defects in the transmission device of heavy vehicles, resulting in the poor durability, low strength, poor toughness and other problems of the main workpiece gears in the transmission device, which puts forward higher requirements for its heat treatment process. Therefore, a variety of heat treatment methods must be used to improve the mechanical properties of gear grooves. The quenching barrier method is often used in hot working process, but due to the high requirements of quenching barrier technology, the main technical problems and influencing factors of gear deformation are many. Among them, heat treatment is the most important and difficult problem. Therefore, it is necessary to study the specific factors affecting the deformation in the process of gear heat treatment, and combine the deformation factors to deeply analyze and discuss the control method of gear heat treatment process, so as to effectively improve the heat treatment quality of gear, improve the machining accuracy and quality of gear, and effectively solve the problem of heat treatment deformation.

First, in terms of design, we should focus on it. In the design process, we should improve the design. When the thin-walled area is heated rapidly, it is easy to produce large deformation due to uneven heating. Improve the design according to the actual situation to ensure the integrity of the heat treatment process. Second, in order to reduce the workload of heat treatment, the pre-processing before heat treatment has been widely used by some manufacturers. For some alloys with stable austenite, the heating time has a great influence on the heat treatment effect. Therefore, selecting appropriate machining allowance can greatly shorten the heating cycle and improve the stability of the alloy. Third, pay attention to the inspection of the processing process, because after heat treatment can rely on effective processing technology for effective improvement, in order to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece to meet the requirements.

In the process of heat treatment, it is necessary to identify the main factors affecting the deformation of heat treatment, effectively control the heat treatment process, greatly reduce the possibility of gear deformation, and ensure the quality of gear workpiece, which has positive significance for improving the overall competitiveness of enterprises and promoting the sustainable development of subsequent Enterprises. In short, in the process of heat treatment, the selection of raw materials, heat treatment process and processing quality may cause gear deformation. In order to reduce the heat treatment deformation of gears, it is necessary to select gears scientifically, design gears reasonably and select heat treatment process reasonably so as to improve the processing quality.

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