Characteristics of gear forging

Gear forging is developed on the basis of meeting the requirements of mass production of gears. Combined with the advantages of good transmission performance and high forging efficiency of gears, it has developed very rapidly. For example, the forging of spur bevel gears that have been put into industrial production can be used in automotive industry, military industry, Aerospace and other fields with high requirements, and the production efficiency of gear forging is very high, It can reach 50-120 pieces / min. some domestic manufacturers have been able to produce high-quality spur bevel gears, such as Jiangsu spaceship Gear Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Co., Ltd., which are developing rapidly. However, the forging of spiral bevel gears is still in the R & D stage and has a good development prospect.

Gear forging is one of the oldest production technologies invented by mankind. From the initial gear forging agricultural tools and armor manufacturing to the gear forging products that can be seen everywhere in life now, a large part of the metal materials produced by human beings are processed into parts by gear forging. With the increasing requirements of material utilization and service performance of formed parts, as well as the trend of reducing production cost, cold forging, warm forging and hot forging technology have attracted more and more attention.

The characteristics of gear forging are as follows:

1.It belongs to rapid prototyping processing method; Gear forging has high processing speed and efficiency, which is difficult to achieve by other processing methods.

2.It can improve the internal structure of metal and improve the mechanical properties of metal; Gear forging can reduce metal defects, optimize microstructure, retain complete metal streamline, and make the strength and stiffness of forgings better than other processing products.

3 forging has a wide range of applications; The quality of forgings can be as small as less than 1kg and as large as hundreds of tons. It can not only carry out single piece and small batch production, but also carry out mass production. Single piece production is mainly used for product trial production. Mass production can significantly reduce production cost and increase application scope.

4 gear forging can improve material utilization; Gear forging can save blank, and the use of precision die forging can make the size and shape of forgings close to finished parts, which can greatly save metal materials and reduce subsequent finishing and processing hours.

5.The price of forging die is high; Domestic metal forging manufacturers mostly use imported molds. Imported molds have high price, good quality, long service life and stable performance. Although the price of domestic molds is low, the overall performance is poor and the accuracy is not high. Therefore, under the conditions of high requirements, imported molds are mostly used.

6.Forgings with too complex shape shall not be forged; The ductility of metal materials and the characteristics of dies make gear forging unable to process forgings with particularly complex geometry, which limits a certain range of applications.

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