Characteristics of MATLAB and its application in gear industry

Matlab is a very powerful and popular mathematical analysis software. Its full name is ma trix Laboratory (i.e. Matrix Laboratory). The purpose of its compilation is to avoid users’ repeated matrix operation and basic numerical operation. It is released by American MathWorks company. It is mainly for scientific calculation, visualization and interactive programming calculation. Up to now, MATLAB has become one of the most widely used computing software in the field of engineering calculation. It covers numerical calculation, matrix operation, automatic control, image processing, machinery and automation, signal and system simulation, communication network and many other aspects. It can provide a comprehensive solution for scientific research and calculation, engineering design and other fields. MATLAB language is simple, powerful numerical / matrix operation function, powerful graphic function and other advantages, so it has been further promoted and applied in the field of education and engineering.

(1) The language is concise and compact without strict grammatical restrictions. It is based on matrix, which can perform matrix, relational and logical operations without setting variables and matrix dimensions in advance. Program writing is free, which can avoid complicated programming and reduce unnecessary programming.

(2) It has powerful numerical / matrix operation function. It contains a large number of calculation algorithms, has a powerful function library, contains many mathematical functions that can be used in engineering, which is convenient for users to achieve various computing needs. The algorithms contained in the function library are the latest achievements in scientific research and engineering, and have undergone various optimization and fault-tolerant processing. Both basic functions and complex functions such as Fourier transform can be operated quickly.

(3) Powerful graphic function. It has powerful graphic display matrix or array ability, and can add annotation to these graphics, and also can mark or print graphics. Not only two-dimensional, multidimensional data can also be presented. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different levels of users, graphical user interface can be created, and it can also meet the needs of users with special requirements.

(4) The interface is friendly and the programming efficiency is high. Matlab does not need a special compiler. It can input statements directly from the command line, and the system will process it immediately. It can complete the whole process from compiling to running.

(5) Strong development ability. Matlab can not only directly call its own rich function library, but also write new function library according to their own needs. The new program also has good portability and communication. Through mixed programming, users can also call Fortran or C language program in Matlab environment, or Matlab code can be called in C or Fortran language program.

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