China standard for gear transmission system

With the development of national industrial equipment and the urgent need for industrial products to be improved, the bearing capacity, stability, vibration and noise of gear transmission are strictly required. With the continuous theoretical research and experimental analysis by domestic experts and scholars, the bearing capacity of gear transmission has achieved certain research results. Bearing capacity calculation such as to establish the corresponding standard (GB/T3480-1997 the involute cylindrical gear bearing capacity calculation method, GB/T10063-1988 “general machinery involute cylindrical gear bearing capacity simplified calculation method, GB/T10062-2003” bevel gear bearing capacity calculation method, GB/T6413-2003 “cylindrical gear, bevel gear and hypoid gear agglutination carrying capacity calculation method” [g] 1, GB/T19406-2003 “the involute straight teeth and helical cylindrical gear bearing capacity calculation method, the industrial application in gear” (” Strength Calculation and Structural Design of Involute Cylindrical Gear “, “Tooth Profile and Gear Strength”, “Gear Bearing Capacity Calculation – Translation”, etc.).

High precision, high parameter and high quality continuously improve and upgrade of the industrial gear transmission equipment, under the premise that satisfy the geometric layout, just meet the strength of gear transmission design has been difficult to make enterprise or gear products stand out, driven by the interests of many more and occupy the proportion of lightweight design, the steady-state dynamic response effect, damping noise reduction measures gradually become indicators measuring gear high performance products. Study of gear dynamics system, although there is a corresponding research achievements, the gear system dynamics, vibration, shock, noise, and the stiffness analysis and modification method of gear transmission, etc.), earlier proposed analysis theory and method, and the subsequent nothing good to continue into the study and update, has been difficult to keep up with the high speed, high precision and automation direction gear products reliability research of security work, visible gear system dynamics and nonlinear vibration noise is over one of the popular Gui frontier research topic for the development of science and technology, especially in the vibration and noise requires strict control of precision instrument in the class.

Vibration and noise is an important indicator for measuring gear dynamic response, and the gear is a containing gears, bearings, shaft, housing and other components of complex elastic mechanical supporting system, an arbitrary sound components will cause not steady response of the system device, drive shaft and gear as the main body and bearing mechanism of system is the main source of vibration and noise. Fatigue pitting or peeling of tooth surface and uneven response caused by improper interleaving of parallel drive shaft in medium and long-term operation will cause the damage of transmission device and stop operation. At the same time, accompanied by a prime mover, environmental noise and other external incentive and meshing stiffness, transmission error and mesh impact caused by internal incentives change will intensify system such as the unbalance response function, increase transmission parts (such as gear, shaft, bearing, etc.) of destruction or drive down effect, not only brings the enterprise economic efficiency loss, even endanger the personal safety of staff and so on.

Therefore, it is of great significance to study the dynamic response of the gear transmission system, and the dynamic response characteristics of the gear, transmission shaft and bearing caused by the transmission system, as well as the dynamic response characteristics of the transmission system caused by parts faults (pitting corrosion of gear teeth, etc.). By studying the condition and the response characteristics of the fault gear system dynamics, lightweight design for the hoist gear and bearing capacity, reduce the vibration and noise, and transmission gear fault characteristics of the early monitoring and fault type identification of various performance indicators and fault diagnosis and recognition has important guiding significance, implementation gear fault early discovery, early cure, and improvement such as reducing the economic loss and damage the interests of safety to maximize the development of national economy needs.