China’s gear product upgrading needs to focus on high-end digital system

High end gear is the basic part of high-end equipment, and also the key neck clamping part. At the seminar, Tang Jinyuan, Deputy Secretary General of cgma and professor of Central South University, introduced the common key technologies and research results of high-end drive design, developed the three-dimensional modeling software of spiral bevel gear based on UMC, which can generate the general three-dimensional digital model; independently designed the new three-dimensional modeling software for all types of gears TCA calculation method provides reference for the initial design of cylindrical gear and bevel gear; the improved roughness surface modeling method solves the problem of solving large-scale nonlinear equations, and improves the accuracy and accuracy of calculation.

Feng Zhong of Qinchuan group, the organizer of the meeting, brought the RV Reducer forward design and digital manufacturing platform independently developed. Qinchuan divides the forward design process of RV Reducer into four stages: conceptual design, detailed design, virtual simulation design and test. Through the application of a large number of virtual simulation technology, the repeated work is reduced. Through the establishment of digital prototype and independent development of key parts of the finite element analysis software, in the design stage to fully simulate the use of conditions, to avoid problems in the design stage. A series of self-made testing devices, including the testing of the hysteresis curve of the joint reducer, the torsional rigidity tester, the bending torsional rigidity tester, the acceleration life tester of the reducer and the modal tester, have formed their own unique product database and established an expert system.

According to Ling Siying of Dalian University of technology, the first grade gear with the highest accuracy standard in China has been successfully manufactured, breaking the foreign monopoly. Wang Xiaoyi, from Henan University of science and technology, said a new breakthrough has been made in the measurement technology of gear overall error. Xi’an University of technology and Qinchuan cooperation, in the harmonic reducer parts detection has made breakthrough technical progress, and so on, each expert representative in the seminar have shown their latest research results, progress is smooth, the future is expected.

Feldspar, vice chairman and executive deputy secretary of cgma, summed up the innovation and showed the dawn. The development of China’s robot precision reducer industry is less than 10 years. From the beginning, it has made great progress in competition with the most advanced technology in the world. Under the three forces of government support, financial investment and market demand, we have made full innovations. The robot precision reducer industry is close to stepping out of the black hole. It is expected that the robot precision reducer will be able to keep pace with some of Japan’s brand gear product technologies in another six to eight years.

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