Classification of spiral bevel gears according to the pitch line of tooth surface

Spiral bevel gear is a kind of complicated gear among all kinds of gears. Because of its special tooth profile, it can complete the transmission between two intersecting axes or between two staggered shafts, which is a characteristic that other gears do not have. At present, this kind of gear is widely used in aircraft, automobile, tractor, machine tool and other industries.

1. Circular tooth bevel gear, this kind of gear is widely used, the gear is cut with a circular end milling cutter, and the circular arc tooth refers to the part of the arc of the pitch line of the gear. In order to ensure the stability of the transmission and increase the overlap.
Coefficient, the helix angle of the gear is generally 35 °.

two。. Extend the cycloid tooth bevel gear, the tooth surface pitch line of the gear is part of the extended epicycloid. The extended epicycloid bevel gear is generally used in the end milling cutter head with a certain number of blades, each group of blades cut one tooth of the workpiece, and the adjacent group of blades cut the other tooth of the adjacent workpiece. If the cutter head is equipped with a Zw set of blades, the workpiece turns between the Zw teeth every time the cutter head rotates. When the cutter head rotates, the workpiece must also rotate in order to divide the teeth, so the gear is cut continuously and does not need to be divided intermittently.

3. Quasi-involute bevel gear, this kind of tooth is machined on the milling machine of conical hob, and its tooth surface pitch is quasi-involute.

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