Comparison and analysis of acceleration of involute spur gear drive

For acceleration, the main reasons for errors between simulation results and test results are as follows:

1.The parameters such as mass, inertia, stiffness, damping, eccentricity and eccentric load moment in the model are equivalent to the real system, which largely depends on the modeling experience. In particular, the damping parameters such as bending damping, torsional damping and engagement damping of the system are generally difficult to determine and there is a certain gap with the real parameters of the system.

2.Due to the actual machining and installation errors of gears, friction and wear on the tooth surface, oil film lubrication between the teeth, etc., the meshing stiffness and tooth profile errors and other parameters related to the meshing frequency are constantly changed, resulting in errors between the simulation results and the test results on the components of high-frequency vibration and their corresponding amplitudes;

3.In the model, only two-stage fixed-axle gear drive system is dynamically modeled, ignoring the effects of components such as front and rear gearbox and the case of the test piece, while the vibration of the above components will inevitably affect the vibration of the gear drive system during the test, resulting in some low-frequency components which can not be analyzed.

4.The input torque and speed in the numerical simulation are fixed values, while the output torque and speed of the pump and motor can not always be kept constant during the test. At the same time, the output torque and speed pass through the couplings and front gearbox and other components. The above factors have a certain influence on the actual input of the two-stage fixed-shaft gear drive system.

5.The installation position and direction of acceleration sensor deviate from the theoretical installation position and direction. At the same time, white noise and interference noise caused by rotation of several bearings exist in the actual test system. All of the above factors will influence the test results to some extent.

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