Comparison and analysis of vibration and displacement of involute spur gear drive

According to the test results of transverse vibration displacement of transmission, the displacement of axle in test direction is calculated by formula.Since the displacement measuring points are all in the middle of the drive shaft, the vibration displacement of the gear and the gear are calculated respectively by combining the material mechanics method and the peak value is calculated, which is compared with the simulation results.

Under different conditions, the test results and simulation results of peak and peak transverse vibration displacement of gears 1 and 4 and the error between the two are compared as shown in the figure.It can be seen that the trend of simulation results and test results are basically the same.The maximum relative error between the simulation results and the test results under each operating condition is.

For vibration displacement, the main reasons causing errors between simulation results and test results are not only the same as the first four items in acceleration error analysis, but also the following aspects: the eddy current sensor is not strictly aligned with the axis position; when the displacement at the middle of the drive shaft is equal to that at each gear, the influence of bearing deformation and box deformation is not considered;During the measurement, the eddy current sensor installed on the box vibrates with the vibration of the box.

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