Component assembly of helical gear hobbing motion simulation

As required, the helical gear hobbing take the modulus of 2.5mm as an example for solid modeling. Using the designed parametric program, set the main parameters of gear hobbing and helical gear respectively, select “regeneration model”, input the required corresponding parameters according to the prompt requirements, complete the parametric design, and obtain the required hob and helical gear with modulus of 2.5mm. After the three-dimensional model of helical gear and hob is created, according to the installation requirements of hob and helical gear when machining helical gear on hobbing machine, the corresponding positioning pin is also designed to assist the correct installation of helical gear hobbing.

1. Create dowel

First, define the main parameters of the two locating pins. Select tools – parameters to create:

The radius and length of the two locating pins, the distance between the two pins, the installation angle of the gear hobbing and the height of the gear hobbing axis are the main parameters.

Secondly, the installation position between the two locating pins is determined according to the installation of gear hobbing and helical gear in the actual processing, and the relationship formula is added during the drawing: “sd11 = l0, sd9 = L2, SD8 = R2, sd1 = 90-a”.

In order to make the locating pin as a general parametric model, after completing the modeling of the locating pin, it is necessary to set up relevant programs to drive the model through the program. Select “tool / program”, select “edit design” in the menu manager, and enter the main parameters matching helical gear hobbing in the Notepad editor: “A: installation angle of hobbing; H0: height of hob axis; l0: distance between two locating pins.”

2. Assembly of various components in roll cutting simulation

The following points should be noted when assembling various parts:

(1) Assemble the locating pin. Selecting the “default” positioning to make its state fully constrained is not only the basic framework to ensure the dynamic simulation of gear hobbing and helical gear, but also the prerequisite to create “pin” connection.

(2) Assemble the helical gear. Select “pin” assembly to align the helical gear axis with the axis of its locating pin; Translate the helical gear and the bottom surface of the locating pin to the same plane, so that the helical gear is fully constrained, so as to complete the assembly of them.

(3) Assemble hob. Also, select “pin” assembly, align and constrain the axis of hobbing with the axis of locating pin, and then align the left end of both. In order to avoid interference, adjust the meshing position of helical gear hobbing teeth to complete the overall assembly. As shown in the figure.

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