Composite Forming of Cylindrical Spur Gear by Hot Precision Forging and Cold Extrusion

Gears are wheel-shaped mechanical parts that transmit torque by whistling closure of teeth.Gears can change speed and torque, direction of motion and form of motion.Because of the advantages of high transmission efficiency and accurate power range, gear mechanism is widely used in industrial products, such as automobile, construction, aviation and various mechanical equipment. Its design and manufacturing level directly affects the quality of industrial products and relates to the quality of equipment manufacturing industry and the development level of national economy.

At present, cutting is the main cutting product in gear manufacturing, which has high precision, good surface quality and can process gears of various shapes and sizes. However, cutting process produces gears with low production efficiency, low material utilization and high production cost. Cutting will destroy the fiber structure of metal and affect the strength, wear resistance and service life of gear teeth.

Precision plastic forming of gear is the manufacturing of gear teeth by metal pressure forming based on the principle of metal plastic deformation.Compared with traditional cutting, precision plastic-formed gear has the advantages of high productivity, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and metal streamline of plastic-formed gear teeth distributes along continuous tooth profile, so that the gear has high strength and long service life.

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