Comprehensive error inspection of automobile gear parts

The comprehensive error shows the ring gear runout, pitch error, tooth thickness change, tooth profile error and change. The inspection equipment includes matched automobile gears or racks, and a certain center distance is guaranteed. The comprehensive deviation is determined by measuring the change of center distance. The maximum tooth to tooth comprehensive error and total compound error can be tested in this way.

In the automobile gear production line, the comprehensive error test provides a fast method to determine the quality of automobile gears. This inspection compound error must be within the tolerance performance requirements. As long as the comprehensive inspection passes, the parts are acceptable, and a single inspection item is usually unnecessary. However, parts without problems in single inspection must also pass the comprehensive error inspection before entering the assembly line.

Although the comprehensive error inspection method is very rough and can not directly judge the main problems of parts, this inspection must be completely implemented to judge whether the parts are qualified or not.

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