Comprehensive Research on Thermal Behavior of Gear System

The thermal behavior of gear system is comprehensively studied.Based on thermal design and thermal check of gear transmission system, a more accurate prediction method for temperature field of gear system is put forward, thermal deformation of gear teeth is calculated, thermoelastic fitting of gear system is studied, and the ideal profile modification curve under thermoelastic fitting state is determined. Flash temperature, contact temperature distribution and oil film thickness of gear system are studied by analytical and thermoelastic methods.Distribution, etc., to obtain the glue-carrying capacity of the gear pair.

Thermal design of gear system includes not only static temperature field calculation, profile modification design, contact strength and bending strength design, but also dynamic stress design, dynamic load, dynamic flash temperature and dynamic bonding strength based on dynamic load.Based on the system dynamics theory, this paper studies the dynamic load, dynamic characteristics and the distribution of dynamic load of the gear system under the profile of the toothed rack, and carries out the transient thermal elastohydrodynamic analysis according to the dynamic load distribution, which provides the basis for the dynamic thermal design of the gear system.

The research on thermal behavior of gear system has important engineering value: the prediction of temperature field provides basis for thermal design and thermal checking of the system and provides reference for profile modification design; the profile modification design of gear gallery is of great significance for improving transmission stability, reducing vibration and noise of gear system; the design and checking of thermal gluing bearing capacity is to improve lubrication performance of high-speed heavy-load gear system and to improve lubrication performance of gear system.Key techniques for prolonging service life.

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