Contact analysis and experimental research status of spiral bevel gears

With the rapid development and wide application of finite element technology, it plays a more and more important role in the design, processing and analysis of gear transmission system. Tooth surface loading contact analysis has become a hot topic. With the publication of an article on the principle and method of load contact analysis of spiral bevel gears, load contact analysis has gradually become a very important gear design and optimization method. This method refers to the high-precision computer simulation analysis of the meshing performance of the gear under the load before the production and manufacturing of the gear product, so that the working performance of the designed gear under the pseudo real working condition can be obtained. Loading contact analysis plays an important role in the analysis of mechanical properties of spiral bevel gears. This method can reduce the design cycle, reduce the trial production cost and improve the product quality. Scholars at home and abroad have conducted extensive and in-depth research on the strength of spiral bevel gears. Wallace D B obtained the meshing characteristics such as dynamic stress change of gear through computer technology. Litvin FL carries out load contact analysis on spiral bevel gear through local synthesis method, analyzes the variation law of gear meshing stress, and uses this method to reduce the vibration and noise in the process of gear meshing. Zheng Changqi and others put forward the concepts of transmission angle displacement coordination principle and equivalent installation adjustment value for the first time. At the same time, using these new concepts, a loading analysis method of local conjugate gear pair teeth is obtained. Li Runfang and others have compiled a set of gear transmission computer-aided engineering software system by comprehensively using three-dimensional elastic contact finite element method, gear meshing contact method, finite element technology and computer graphic display, and successfully applied the system to the engineering practice of spiral bevel gear. In the research of contact stress and bending stress of spiral bevel gear, many scholars have explored many ways and achieved many important research results. Tang Jinyuan et al. Carried out dynamic loading contact analysis of spiral bevel gear by finite element method, and studied the strength variation characteristics of spiral bevel gear under high-speed and heavy load conditions. Pu Taiping discussed the meshing stiffness of spiral bevel gear by finite element method. Wang py analyzed and studied the dynamic meshing characteristics and impact characteristics of spiral bevel gears. The solid modeling and finite element analysis of spiral bevel gear are studied by different methods, and many important conclusions are obtained in terms of gear strength.

Transmission error can reflect the quality of gear meshing to a certain extent. It has high reference significance in improving the accuracy of gear transmission. The research on transmission error has certain engineering value. Ji Qiang has done some research work in the detection of gear transmission error. Cheng Xiaowei explored that the transmission error is affected by the vibration and noise of the transmission device. Su J Z and other scholars analyzed the transmission error of spiral bevel gear by using 7-order function. Tang J y et al. Analyzed the influence of static transmission error on dynamic response. Wang Zhonghou and others discussed the relationship between damping and transmission error by means of finite element simulation. Ma Pengcheng and others studied the relationship between pitting corrosion and transmission error of spiral bevel gear by finite element method. In the meshing process, the tooth surface contact area directly affects the vibration, noise, contact fatigue and service life of gear transmission, and can also reflect the meshing quality of spiral bevel gear to a certain extent. Li Q proposed a solution to the contact area of spiral bevel gears. Zhao Xiaobo analyzed the relationship between the offset of contact area and the bending stress of tooth root. Friction also has a certain influence on the meshing characteristics of gears, especially on the bending strength of tooth roots. Tang Jinyuan made an in-depth study on the influence of friction on the bending stress of tooth root.

To sum up, relevant scholars at home and abroad have carried out more detailed analysis and Research on the load contact analysis of spiral bevel gears, which provides a great reference value for the meshing characteristics analysis of spiral bevel gears. Because there is a certain deviation between the finite element loading contact characteristics of the gear and the actual meshing characteristics, there are still some deficiencies in the research on the experimental measurement of spiral bevel gear and the comparative analysis between the test and finite element. Handschuh MJ built a special test bench and obtained the transmission error and tooth root bending stress of cylindrical spur gear meshing transmission in open gearbox through experimental measurement method. By constructing the digital real tooth surface of spiral bevel gear including tooth profile error and installation error, Wang Zhonghou proposed a high-precision digital real tooth surface contact analysis method of spiral bevel gear, and verified the correctness of this method through tooth surface wear test. There are many books on gear research in China, but there are relatively few books on gear test, classic gear test books. It can be seen that the experimental research on gears, especially spiral bevel gears, is of great significance.

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