Control system of spiral bevel gear machining machine tool

In view of the above problems existing in the current spiral bevel gear machining and manufacturing, a new theory and method of spiral bevel gear tooth surface machining by using NC system is proposed to realize tooth surface machining without principle error. This paper tries to realize the high-efficiency and high-precision machining of spiral bevel gear with simple machine tool and tool structure, motion relationship and control system, and greatly reduce the equipment cost. The spiral bevel gear processed and manufactured has no principle error, so the instantaneous speed ratio of gear transmission is constant, which can be used for precision transmission; The tooth profile can be actively controlled, and it is easy to obtain the ideal tooth surface contact area; Gears are interchangeable.

The successful research of the project will greatly improve the accuracy and finishing efficiency of spiral bevel gears, and significantly reduce the cost of machine tools and gear processing. The machine tools, cutting tools and processed gears studied will have strong product competitiveness and broad market prospects.

The main research contents include:

1) Overall design of machine tool control system: type selection demonstration and hardware connection design of Seimens 828d SL CNC system, research and design of machine tool electrical schematic diagram, and configuration calculation and type selection design of servo motor and driver.

2) Design of key technologies: spindle rotation control, spindle speed display, spindle box indexing angle display design, loosening and clamping design of rotary worktable, design of full closed-loop control function of each axis.

3) Design of PLC control program.

4) On line debugging: summarize the steps and methods of control system debugging; Analyze the faults and problems in the process of system commissioning; Cutting test.

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