Correction of contact area of Klingenberg spiral bevel gear

The Klingenberg spiral bevel gear is the manufacturing equipment and technology introduced by our gear factory in the 1980s by the former West Germany, thus China has entered a new stage of designing and manufacturing Klingenberg spiral bevel gear.

The contact area of spiral bevel gears is very important during the long-term production of spiral bevel gears.Spiral bevel gears do not depend on the accuracy of the gear, but on whether the contact area meets the requirements to determine whether a pair of bevel gears is qualified.Poor contact area can lead to uneven gear drive, impact noise, loud noise and even affect the service life of the gear.

In order to solve the problem of OVER-TOLERANCE of contact area in the production process of Klingenberg spiral bevel gears, we adopt the methods of rolling and grinding by a roller to correct the contact area of Klingenberg spiral bevel gears. However, repeated testing and modification of the problem bevel gears are required in this way, which greatly affects the production efficiency of Klingenberg spiral bevel gears.

Therefore, a method is urgently needed in the production of Klingenberg spiral bevel gears to improve the machining accuracy of the gear milling machine in the contact area of the bevel gears.

The emphasis and difficulty of bevel gear machining in the contact area of Klingenberg helical gear are also discussed. Based on the analysis of bevel gear machining errors, the correction method of contact area is analyzed and elaborated in this paper.

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