Cross wedge rolling closed die forging process for spiral bevel gear blank

The process adopts two processes: first, the rod is rolled by cross wedge rolling, and then the cone head is forged by closed die forging. This process combines the advantages of cross wedge rolling and closed die forging. Cross wedge rolling has outstanding advantages in shaft parts with great changes in rolling section. Closed die forging can form parts with complex shape and high dimensional accuracy. The specific process is shown in Figure:

In this process, the cross wedge rolling process rolls the inner right angle step shaft. In the cross wedge rolling process of spiral bevel gear blank, the key is to design the rolling alignment curve to ensure that the right angle step shaft is rolled. However, considering that the second process is closed die forging, which can take into account the role of shaping, the requirements for rolling alignment are not very strict. In closed die forging, the design of the round corner of the male and female die and the design of the parting surface and shape of the die are particularly important. The specific situation will be described in detail later. Tools required for research: CATIA, deform, outcad, origin, etc. Mainly through CATIA modeling, deform finite element simulation analysis to complete the research content.

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