Derivation and application of gear meshing stiffness model under pitting characteristics

The shape of pitting pits on tooth surface is simulated quickly and approximately by using rectangular geometry. The mathematical models and analytical equations of single pitting, multi pitting and randomly distributed pitting are derived in detail, so as to realize the prediction and evaluation of time-varying meshing stiffness of gear under the feature of fatigue pitting. The results show that the meshing stiffness of gears with different geometric parameters and number of rectangular pitting pits has different response characteristics. The larger the geometric parameters of pitting pits or the more the number of pitting pits, the more obvious the effect on the meshing stiffness is, especially when the meshing stiffness at the location where pitting occurs decreases more obviously. The three different pitting analysis models can be fully simulated Different types of pitting phenomenon have certain engineering application significance.

Based on the fractal theory, the prediction of gear normal contact stiffness with micro pitting is studied. The results show that the normal contact stiffness decreases obviously after micro pitting, which is 1-2 orders of magnitude different from that without pitting. At the same time, the bearing capacity also decreases. The simulation results are consistent with the change trend of engineering application, which provides reference for the future development Analyze the dynamic response of micro pitting and the expansion of micro pitting.

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