Design example of bevel gear tooth surface without backlash

Use CAD software to build accurate 3D model of linear bevel gear pair, as shown in the figure.

By substituting the parameters of section circle radius and helix of driving wheel into the formula, the maximum number of teeth of driving wheel can be calculated to be 17. In addition to space occupation, the bending strength of the tooth root should also be considered. When the number of driving teeth is too much, the distance between the driven bevel gear teeth becomes smaller, which will lead to the reduction of the bending strength of the bevel gear teeth. Therefore, the increase of the number of teeth should not be too much. In this paper, the number of driving teeth is 8.

The dynamic simulation of the installed linear bevel gear pair is carried out. Given the rotation speed of the driving wheel is 1000 (℃) / s, the angular speed of the driven wheel is detected, as shown in the figure. There is no interference in the transmission process of the linear bevel gear pair, which can meet the demand of the given transmission ratio.

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