Design of low speed and heavy load gear specimen

Before carrying out bending fatigue strength, the primary task is the design and manufacture of gear specimens. Because the object of the test is the gear specimen, if the design is not reasonable, it will lead to the failure of the whole test. The basic requirements of a successfully designed gear specimen are as follows:

1) The gear specimen should be similar to the actual gear as far as possible.

2) The material of the gear specimen should be the same as that of the simulated gear.

3) The processing technology of gear specimen should be strictly consistent with the actual gear.

Due to the different purpose of the test, the design of the gear specimen is also different. This test mainly carries out the tooth bending fatigue test, and the gear design is as follows.

The gear specimen used in the test is manufactured in strict accordance with the design requirements, and the manufactured specimen is shown in the figure.

test heavy load gear
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