Design of precision forging die for spiral bevel gear

20CrMnTi gear steel is used for precision forging driven spiral bevel gear, and lead is selected as the simulation material. Lead is a common simulation material in the laboratory. The flow deformation curve of pure lead steel at room temperature is similar to that of pure lead steel at room temperature of 29.0 ~ 1100 ℃, which is similar to the flow deformation curve of pure lead steel at room temperature.

The profile of driven spiral bevel gear is shown in figure (a). Press the lead block into the prefabricated blank with the same size as the forging blank, cut the prefabricated lead blank from 1 / 2 and 1 / 5 parts respectively by wire cutting as required, and scribe 2mm on each profile with ruler and scriber × 2mm grid, and then close the lead blank with the grid according to the shape before cutting and put it into the die. The forging simulation test is carried out under the double disc friction press with model j53-1000c and nominal force of 10000kN. The following figure is the physical drawing of die structure. Fix the lower die (concave die and ejector rod) of the die on the worktable of the press, install the preform (blank) of the lead test piece, and then assemble the upper die (punch) in turn. Start the friction press to slide down and push the punch to extrude the blank for forming.

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