Design route of mechanical process for double drive gear

Process routing design in machining.In order to ensure that the geometrical shape, dimension measuring accuracy, position moving accuracy and various mechanical technical performance requirements of the machined parts can be achieved, a reasonable mechanical process design route must be formulated first.

As the production process guideline of the machine tool is medium or small batch production, it is necessary to use a large number of universal large machine tool parts with special workers, clamps and measuring tools for users, and fully consider the relatively centralized production processes, in order to improve the productivity of the machine tool and minimize the number of parts of the general machine tool, so as to reduce the production cost of the machine tool significantly.

There are two schemes for machining double gear shafts.In general, the first scheme is to process z=33 automatic teeth first and then z=19 manual teeth, which effectively ensures that the processing of the gear shaper can proceed smoothly and evenly.

In the second scheme, after hobbing and milling the double gear blank z=33, the double gear blank z=19 needs further hobbing and milling.Since the gear in the blank section is a double drive gear, there is little separation between the two gears.

If special processing equipment is required for milling the double gear blank z=19, the processing cost and the difficulty of gear hobbing operation will increase.In addition, other factors such as specific conditions of production plants, such as equipment, fully borrowing workers, clamps, gauges, etc. must be carefully considered when selecting design schemes.

At the same time, the structure and arrangement position of handles, handwheels and pushbuttons shall comply with the regulations.The start button should be installed in the cabinet or provided with a protective ring to prevent accidental contact.Handwheels and handles mounted on shaft bars during machining will cause personal injury when the machine feeds automatically. Therefore, automatic release device should be installed to protect human health.

The design and dispatching department of the processing plant arranges the feeding time and quantity of parts and adjusts the equipment load according to the process regulations.Production should be carried out rhythmically in each workplace according to time quotas, etc.So that all departments, workshops, sections and workplaces of the whole enterprise can work closely together to ensure the balanced completion of the production plan of machining process.

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