Desktop instrument for measuring large gears

Desktop instrument the desktop measuring instrument used for large gear measurement is basically the amplification of the desktop measuring instrument for medium and small gears. It has no intersection in measuring principle and method, and basically follows the principle and technology of the desktop measuring instrument for medium and small modulus. According to the generating principle, there are two methods to measure the involute, mechanical generating and electronic generating. Mechanical generating is the main form of the early gear measuring instrument, which consists of a set of pure mechanical generating mechanism, while electronic generating method is developed from mechanical generating method, which is composed of numerical control device, electronic generating device and electronic generating device Servo driving device and transmission device constitute a mechatronics generating system instead of pure machinery, with simple mechanical structure, high precision and automation.

For example, cariliahr of Germany has developed a series of products from n # 91. The adjustment accuracy of these instruments is ± 1 ∥ and they can measure tooth profile, lead and tooth surface finish. The single disc involute lead meter GC “6h and Universal Involute lead meter gc.12hp produced by Osaka of Japan can realize one-time installation measurement of involute, lead, pitch and eccentricity, The maximum diameter of the measured gear is 2000mm, and the modulus is 1-25mm. The single disc involute tester fp-60, p14.60 and Universal Involute lead tester pH loo, sp-130 of Maag company in Switzerland can measure the tooth shape and lead. The maximum diameter of the measured gear is 2000mm, and the helix angle is 0-45 ‘ Φ, The modulus is 0 ~ 30mm; The single disc involute lead tester pfsu600, pfsul600, pfsu2250 and pfsu2500 produced by klinpelnberg company in Germany can measure the tooth profile, lead pitch and tooth surface finish. The maximum diameter of the measured gear is 2500 ° and the helix angle is 0 ~ 900 °, and the maximum modulus is 20mm; wait.

The desktop measuring instrument based on the rectangular coordinate principle obtains various errors of the gear by measuring the coordinate values of the measured points on the tooth surface and doing data processing. For example, the microlosso four coordinate measuring system of American fellows company, the instrument can measure 1270mm in the maximum gear diameter, unlimited lead, and can measure the tooth shape, lead, tooth pitch, etc. of internal and external gears; The rectangular coordinate gear measuring machines pfsul200, pfsul600 and universal gear measuring machines 3006 and 3008 researched and developed by Harbin Measuring Tool and cutting tool factory in China all have wide measuring range and high measuring accuracy, etc.

The accuracy of the bench type measuring instrument is relatively high, and there are many kinds of measurement errors. The principle and method used to measure tooth profile, tooth direction and tooth pitch are relatively simple. The disadvantage is that when the size of the gear is large, the structure size of the corresponding gauge should also be large, which greatly limits the diameter and modulus range of the large gear to be measured. Generally, the diameter of the gear to be measured can not exceed 02500mm. In addition, these gauges are generally installed in the metering room and are not suitable to be placed on the processing site.