Detection and correction technology of tooth surface deviation of spiral bevel gear

In the production practice, it is an important link to detect the machining error of spiral bevel gear quickly and provide accurate correction data for the adjustment of spiral bevel gear cutting. The traditional method of detecting the tooth surface of spiral bevel gear mainly depends on the pair rolling inspection on the rolling tester to judge whether the size and position of the tooth surface contact and the noise of the gear pair are qualified. Because the traditional spiral bevel gear quality control method depends on the rich experience of technicians and inspectors, to a certain extent, it depends on the subjective judgment of inspectors, and it can not give quantitative results, and its quality control is difficult, which is far from meeting the development needs of modern spiral bevel gear manufacturing. With the development of computer control and measurement technology and the appearance of CNC bevel gear measurement center, the accuracy and quality control of spiral bevel gear has made a great stride forward.

Typical products include P series of Klingeinberg company, 3000 series and sigma series of M & M company and gmx275 gear measuring center of mahr company. Gleason company has developed the tooth profile error correction software g-age based on the actual surface three coordinate measurement, and as part of its expert manufacturing system, formed a closed-loop processing system, which can automatically correct the tooth profile error of spiral bevel gear, but the company has never publicly developed the principle of tooth profile error correction. Caterpillar has developed and issued special gear measuring equipment and corresponding software, but its specific control methods have not been disclosed. The manufacturers of domestic gear measuring center include 3900 series of Harbin Measuring Tool Group, JA and JD series of Harbin Jingda Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. and CV series of Chengdu Tool Research Institute. Although the accuracy and measuring speed are close to or reach the foreign level, the accuracy repeatability, stability, especially the software measurement function of the instrument need to be further improved 。

In the aspect of theoretical research, experts and scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on the tooth profile error correction technology of circular arc bevel gear. This paper studies the measurement method of spiral bevel gear based on, and puts forward the method of adjusting the parameter correction by using the first and second order sensitive matrix computer bed. Professor Litvin et al. Put forward the function method of tooth surface error compensation, and established the equations of tooth profile error recognition and compensation. Gosselin et al. Analyzed the influence of single machine adjustment parameters on tooth profile error, selected some machine adjustment parameters as optimization variables, and established error sensitive matrix based on the unit increment of machine adjustment parameters, and obtained the correction amount of machine adjustment parameters by solving the error compensation equation.

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