Development of conjugate curve bevel gear machining

This paper studies the conjugate curve bevel gear, demonstrates the basic properties of spatial conjugate curve, puts forward the tooth surface construction method, and studies the design method and mechanical properties of continuous pure rolling contact, single point contact and multi-point contact bevel gear. Some useful and explorations have been made on conjugate curve bevel gears in many aspects, but there are still some problems to be studied. The future research work can be started from the following two aspects:

① Further research is carried out on the new transmission form of conjugate curve bevel gear with high performance. The research object of this paper is for the type of intersecting shaft gear transmission. The theoretical formula in this paper is universal. In the future research, we can carry out further design and research work for high-performance bevel gear transmission based on the content of this paper.

② The machining method of conjugate curve bevel gear is studied. The proposed bevel gear does not consider the machining difficulty too much. In the subsequent further research on conjugate curve bevel gear, the tooth surface can be optimized on the basis of fully considering the machining difficulty, so as to lay a sufficient theoretical foundation for further engineering application.

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