Development of principle prototype of two axis linkage gear milling machine for spiral bevel gear

According to the scheme and structure design of two axis linkage gear cutting of spiral bevel gear and the simulation analysis of gear cutting, the gear cutting machine designed based on the proposed new method of two axis linkage gear cutting is a 6-axis 2-linkage NC machine tool. Based on the model xk716 NC milling machine, the modification and the addition of key functional components are carried out, and the principle prototype of spiral bevel gear cutting machine tool meeting the requirements of cutting motion is developed. The key parameters of xk716 CNC milling machine.

Among the three linear moving axes, the movement in the x-axis and Y-axis directions can be realized by the horizontal workbench of xk716 CNC milling machine, while the movement in the z-direction is realized by the movement of the cutter spindle of xk716 CNC milling machine on the column. According to the design of spiral bevel gear cutting mechanism, the rotation of c-axis to realize feed movement can customize the existing horizontal NC rotary worktable and install it on the horizontal worktable of xk716 milling machine; The existing manual tilting CNC rotary table can be selected and installed on the horizontal rotary table to manually adjust the b-axis rotation of the base cone angle of different spiral bevel gears and the a-axis CNC rotary motion required in the process of gear cutting. The horizontal CNC rotary table purchased is the tk12630 CNC rotary table of Yantai universal machine tool accessories Group Co., Ltd., while the manual tilting CNC rotary table is the tk15250 tilting CNC rotary table of the same company. The functional components added on the worktable of xk716 CNC milling machine are shown in Figure 1.

The principle prototype of the two axis linkage NC machine tool finally developed is shown in Figure 2.

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